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Standard EN 1078 (Europe, Asia & South America)

CLOSCA ™ Helmet conforms to EN 1078 set down by the European Committee for Standardization, which applies to ” helmets for cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates .” This standard specifies requirements and test methods to ensure the quality and safety of this element of protection. It is mandatory in the European Union and assesses the following aspects:

1. construction and field of vision:

  • - materials used should not cause skin reactions
  • - the whole helmet must be durable and resistant to normal use
  • - design should have ventilation systems
  • - must respect certain fields of vision

2. Impact absorption properties:

  • - by corresponding tests , it is verified that the helmet reduces to less than 250G the deceleration produced by a series of impacts at the most unfavorable points.

3. Clamping System Properties:

  • - restraint systems must be adjustable for all sizes defined
  • - by corresponding tests , it is verified that the fastening system is effective and is not released in case of accident

4. Marking and information:

The helmet should incorporate all the safety and usage information defined by the standard and written in the correct language.

Maximum shock absorption

The EN1078 European safety standards guarantees that the CLOSCA ™ system, a polymer made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) high density, has extraordinary properties of impact protection. EPP absorbs the energy of the blow, retaining it in its molecular structure and subsequently dissipating plastic deformation, thereby preventing it from reaching the wearer’s head.

Graphical comparison between direct blows on the head and the same impacts with the protection of a CLOSCA ™ helmet:

During an impact, the speed at which the collision occurs has to be reduced to zero in a split second, which causes a tremendous negative acceleration (deceleration), measured in multiples of G (Earth’s gravity). Over 250G the brain runs the risk of serious internal injuries. A good helmet must have sufficient capacity to progressively deform and during that process dissipating as much energy as possible and by doing this, succeed in slowing down more gently this deceleration to safer values for our body. The CLOSCA ™ helmet has been designed to reduce 250G within the deceleration produced by the impacts standardized 5.42 m / s on flat anvil and 4.57 m / s over curb shaped anvil.

Studies that demonstrate the necessity of helmet use

According to The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute , in an accident , cyclists who do not use a properly fastened, approved helmet are nearly twice as likely to suffer a serious head injury . More than 540,000 cyclists require emergency services for accidents each year and over 12 % with brain injuries. Two thirds of cyclist deaths suffered head injuries. Over 85 % of brain damage produced in falls with bicycles could have been prevented using a helmet.


Regulations CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203 (U.S. and Canada)

The standard CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203 states that the helmet, according to the commission that regulates the safety of consumer products (Consumer Product Safety Commission), meets the standards required in the U.S. for bicycle safety helmets for users aged 5 years onwards. (Safety Control Standards for Bicycle Helmets for Persons age 5 and older).

This standard, mandatory since 1999 in the United States, ensures that the helmet adequately protects the head and that the chin straps are strong enough to prevent the helmet coming off in an accident, collision or fall. In addition, this standard requires that helmets intended for children from the age of five onwards must cover the head more so as to provide greater protection for the most vulnerable areas of a small child´s skull.


If the goods are damaged, they can be replaced up to 2 years from date of purchase. Please pack the goods carefully to avoid further damage and return them to us, We will pay carriage in this situation. Please state the nature of the damage/fault. We will send a new one if we have them in stock or can still obtain them from the manufacturer.

If we cannot, we will credit the full purchase amount. We will refund the amount by bank.

For further information check here:

There are dispensaries in cooperatives scattered throughout the nation, where patients that were granted a medical marijuana card can come to find medicine, plants to grow at home, and an assortment of different products that are made out of marijuana. For instance, for people afflicted by anxiety, it’s been demonstrated that cannabis might help them reduce their symptoms. After the registration, you must fill a health history form. Marijuana is something which is immensely controversial in america, because there’s a cannabis card substantial quantity of debate in relation to the overall medical elements of the plant, whether the plant is harmful and to what extent it could be harmful, and the various laws which exist between states and the federal government.

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How do I know what size I am?

Check your size here

How do I take care of my helmet?

Helmets are made of materials that can be damaged by many commonly available cleaners. Petroleum based solvents or cleaners are
especially dangerous. They can damage a helmet so that its protective capabilities are significantly reduced. Many times this damage is not visible. For best results, clean the helmet using a soft cloth or sponge, warm water and mild soap (such as a mild dish soap).

Return policy

Our first priority is your complete satisfaction with your Closca helmet purchase. We will gladly accept returned product in saleable condition within 14 days of shipping.

Closca does not cover the cost of return postage EXCEPT for a defective helmet or error in shipping (i.e. we ship you the wrong size/style than ordered). If you believe the helmet you received is defective, please call us and send us pictures via email so we can determine the defect and issue you a credit or send you an exchange. Ordering the wrong size for your head is NOT considered an error on Closca’s part, so please be sure of your choice and of your size when making your purchase.

The original packaging must be in “new” condition so that we can re-sell your exchange.

For further information you can consult here:


Closca have past successfully the security standard EN 1078 “Helmets for cyclists and skateboard/roller skate users”, produced by European Standard Committee, sets the requirements and tests to guarantee quality and safety of this protection device.

If you need more info, please download our owner’s manual and security

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